Challenge Your Children

A discussion of the value of providing clear and firm boundaries for young children.

Samurai Parenting

Challenging children into discomfort is counter-intuitive for most of us. But Bruce Costa has made a career of it, because he believes that if children are to have a joyful life, challenging them is as important as loving them.

    The following articles were published by BuxMont Living in 2008. They constitute an initial sampling from Bruce Costa's stable of more than 250 published feature articles, column installments, interviews, letters, and editorials; more will be posted soon. All items posted here are © Bruce G. Costa and remain his legal intellectual properties. To reproduce or distribute them, simply request the expressed, written permission of the author.

Yoga “versus” Christianity

Is the practice of Yoga in conflict with Christian values? Here's evidence to the contrary.

Christmas Giving For Kids

We all know that Christmas is about more than receiving gifts. But how are we to bring the message of selflessness to children being raised in a consumer society at an age when it's all about them? Here's a suggestion.

The Kohai Method

The fastest, most efficient learning method there is, otherwise known as "Mouth Closed, Ears Open!"

Underwater Kata

Originally written for karate students who have reached a level of green or purple belt or above, this training article is accessible to anyone interested in personal development.

Originally published in TK WAVE 0.3, August, 2011.